Hamilton knows that Verstappen was too fast today: "Couldn't meet his times"

09-08-2020 17:22
by Louis Shaw
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Hamilton knows that Verstappen was too fast today: Couldn't meet his times

Lewis Hamilton didn't win today, that honour went to Max Verstappen. Hamilton says that he likes a good challenge, but also says that this challenge was very unexpected for him. Last week's problems with the front tyres were barely there, but this time the Mercedes had issues with the rear tyres.

New tyre problems

"Yes, for sure," said Hamilton to Sky Sports F1 when asked if he was nervous behind the wheel of his W11. "It was such a difficult race. I mean, I love a challenge, but this challenge was so unexpected. Last weekend we had understeer and had trouble with the front tyres, this weekend it was completely reversed with the left rear tyre and there was nothing we could do about it."

Getting out was just too fast

"We tried to go slower to save them, so it was a real shock. I couldn't even attack Valtteri [Bottas]. I thought to myself, "Should I keep driving? But now I know I couldn't have met Max's times and the tyres could have gone. And when the rear tyres go, you spin and crash into the wall," says the six-time world champion.

"I don't know exactly. Could we do better? Maybe we could. I think if we started on the hard tyre, then to medium and back to hard, we might have had a chance. But I still think they'd win. Our rear tyres had giant stripes. We're going back to the drawing board," closes the Brit.

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