Wolff surprised at RB16: "Verstappen kept going faster and faster"

09-08-2020 17:15
by Louis Shaw
Wolff surprised at RB16: Verstappen kept going faster and faster

Toto Wolff is not happy with the tyre problems of Mercedes during the second British Grand Prix at the Silverstone circuit this year. The team boss of the German race stable says his team will do everything in the coming week to find the cause of the problem.

"Temperatures were very high today. We couldn't keep the tyres alive, while Max kept going faster and faster," Wolff said to Sky Sports' camera. So there is work to be done for Mercedes. "We now have to figure out how that was possible, we have to understand it."

Red Bull's car was just faster Sunday afternoon. "Victory wasn't in it for us. Clearly, we weren't the fastest car and that's when we optimized the strategy. With the gap to Max, it was then for us to settle for second and third and protect that position."

The W11 of Mercedes is particularly dominant this year, but Wolff does not think that his team should already be thinking about the world title. "You have to remain humble. People say that Mercedes is going to win every Grand Prix, but that is not the case. So we want to know what was missing today. Hopefully, we have the solutions in Barcelona," said the 48-year-old Austrian.

"The win was not there for us. Clearly, we were not the fastest car and then we optimised the strategy and its not clear. With the gap to Max then it was for us to settle for second and third and protect that position."

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