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Sebastian Vettel: I'm doing everything I can and normally that's enough

Sebastian Vettel: "I'm doing everything I can and normally that's enough"

09-08-2020 16:59

Sebastian Vettel has had a disappointing season so far. The German didn't even finish in the points during the second Grand Prix at Silverstone and doesn't really know what's going on when questioned by Ziggo Sport camera.

The German started in midfield and tried to stay out of the crowd in the first corner. However, not for the first time, the German got into a spin and lost his chances of a good result. Afterwards, Vettel still doesn't know what happened.

Vettel doesn't know where it's going wrong

"I have no idea what happened. I was just trying to stay out of trouble, but that got me into big trouble. I thought somebody hit me, but they didn't. But from that moment on it became a very difficult race," said Vettel.

"I think we could have done better. We handled the tyres better than last week, but we got into traffic when we had just agreed that we didn't want to," said Vettel, who has no answer as to why Charles Leclerc finished fourth with the same car.

"I'm doing everything I can and normally that's enough, but now it doesn't seem like it," concludes the four-time world champion.

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