Marko: "Weird that Racing Point gets punished, but still uses the parts"

09-08-2020 11:28 | Updated: 09-08-2020 12:33
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Marko: Weird that Racing Point gets punished, but still uses the parts

Christian Horner has already indicated last weekend that the matter of copying Racing Point should be fully investigated after the team only received a penalty for violating the sporting regulations. Many teams disagree with that decision and are going back to the stewards to challenge the decision. However, Red Bull Racing does not deal with it.

Helmut Marko does express his feelings. "As a lawyer, it is very difficult to understand that you will be punished for something you have done, but that you will then be allowed to use the same parts in the three races that follow. It's weird that there's only one penalty for it in the end," Marko explained to Sky Sports.

Red Bull not on appeal

The advisor of Red Bull indicates that he would rather expect a penalty for each time the team drives with the illegal parts. "It's completely unbalanced now and not very well thought out". For the Styrian Grand Prix, Racing Point has received a penalty, but not for the races in Hungary and Silverstone.

Still, Marko thinks it's not up to Red Bull to protest against the penalty. What is important is that teams appeal against the penalty and with Ferrari, McLaren, Williams and Renault there are four teams that are going to challenge the penalty. "We are not here because there are already enough teams that have revised the penalty and of course Renault has already protested", Marko concludes.

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