Honda: "It's important that the drivers can get the most out of tomorrow's engine"

08-08-2020 18:02 | Updated: 08-08-2020 19:33
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Honda: It's important that the drivers can get the most out of tomorrow's engine

Honda has had a tremendously positive qualifying session at Silverstone. In preparation for the second Grand Prix at the British circuit, three of the four Honda drivers finished in the top ten. Only Daniil Kvyat finished in sixteenth place. According to technical director Toyoharu Tanabe, it is a good sign.

"Conditions today were a lot cooler than on Friday, but 27 degrees is still warmer than we normally experience on this track and fortunately our PU's ran fine in these conditions", explains Tanabe in the review of Honda. "The choice of tyres was the hardest aspect to deal with, as the softest tyre will clearly not be a good race tyre".

Get the most out of PU

"Getting three Honda-powered cars in the top ten is a satisfactory performance and Max's strategy means he's the only driver in the top ten to start tomorrow with the hardest tyre, so fourth place on the grid is a good starting position".

Tanabe also has good words for Albon, who managed to get back into Q3. "Now that Alex is in ninth place we know that all four cars are good enough for a higher-order tomorrow when we will do everything we can to get maximum performance out of our PU", Tanabe concludes hopefully.

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