Vettel: "In a way, I've made my decision"

08-08-2020 08:18 | Updated: 08-08-2020 09:14
Vettel: In a way, I've made my decision

Sebastian Vettel has indicated that it will be several weeks before he announces his plans for the future. The four-time world champion appears to be heading for a 2021 seat at Racing Point, which will go through next year named as Aston Martin F1 team, but the German is keeping his cards close to his chest.

In an interview with RTL Deutschland, Vettel states that the situation has not changed compared to last month. "It will take a few more weeks, nothing will change today. I don't see why I have to be put under pressure. In a way, I've made my decision, now it will show whether something sensible will come together or not."

Somewhere that's remarkable since according to rumours Racing Point wants to get the deal done as soon as possible. The British race team would even have the contract ready by now. Only Vettel's signature is still missing, but we shouldn't expect any news in the coming weeks.

The 33-year-old driver doesn't seem to have many options other than Racing Point. At Red Bull Racing they have indicated that they don't have room for him and Vettel himself only wants to drive a car that can compete for the front spots. McLaren already has her driver duo fixed for next season and Hamilton seems to be extending at Mercedes.

Vettel doesn't look at the paycheck

He takes Vettel's salary for granted. "That's less important. The aim is to achieve something. If the right project comes around the corner, I believe that I still have a lot to give. If that is not the case, I am not interested in just continuing just to be there", he says about a possible departure from Formula 1.

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