Doornbos about Albon: "That explains one second behind Max as well"

07-08-2020 21:53 | Updated: 08-08-2020 07:49
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Doornbos about Albon: That explains one second behind Max as well

Alexander Albon was again behind Max Verstappen on the timesheet on Friday. According to Doornbos, the problem lies not only with Albon himself but also with Red Bull Racing. He let this know at the Ziggo Sport F1 Café.

Moment of Albon

The gentlemen at the table at the F1 Café analyse the video of Albon in which he has a moment. "If you see it from the outside, you'll think it's not that bad. It wasn't a mega big moment. But believe me, if you send in there at 270 kilometres per hour and you don't have the confidence and you feel that, then you just see that the confidence drops below zero. He doesn't know what to expect and that's the big problem with Red Bull now", said Doornbos.

"That explains one second behind Max as well. If he were in a Mercedes now he wouldn't be a whole second behind Lewis Hamilton. Maybe half a second. But in a bad car where you have to drive at the limit", continues Doornbos.

Set-up of Verstappen

Ho-Pin Tung responds to this and thinks that Albon is mainly driving with the set-up of Verstappen. "But his driving style is different. Funny is that he has understeer in the slow corners and in the fast corners the rear is very loose. That doesn't give him much confidence. But they're probably going to try to fix that now."

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