Abiteboul: "I can confirm that another protest is under consideration"

07-08-2020 17:16
by Joseph Tyrrell
Abiteboul: I can confirm that another protest is under consideration

Racing Point were handed a significant penalty following Renault's protest against their car. However, it seems they aren't done just yet and Cyril Abiteboul has been giving his thoughts.

"I can confirm that another protest is under consideration. The FIA has confirmed that some parts are a violation of the regulations and we are happy with that conclusion," explained Abiteboul to Motorsport-Total.com. However, the Frenchman is not happy that Racing Point is allowed to use the parts, despite the FIA verdict.

Fundamental advantage

"Normally a team spends about twenty percent of its development time on these parts." According to Abiteboul, Racing Point not only benefited from this, but they were not punished for it.

"They are allowed to use those parts throughout the season and that's just a fundamental advantage.

"The question of punishment is still present. It's a complex case, so we have to weigh everything against each other". The team has 24 hours to think about an appeal, but Renault is already happy that a penalty has been given.

"We are happy that they are willing to handle the case. That's why we still need time to prepare everything well before we decide how to proceed," Abiteboul concluded.

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