Teams disagree with stewards ‘inconsistent decision’ on Racing Point

07-08-2020 14:02 | Updated: 07-08-2020 16:42
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Teams disagree with stewards ‘inconsistent decision’ on Racing Point

On Friday morning the FIA announced that it was going to punish Racing Point for illegally copying the Mercedes. Although the parts are covered by the technical regulations, Racing Point is punished on the basis of the sporting regulations. For many teams, this came as a surprise and this became clear again during the press conference for the team bosses.

According to Zak Brown, it's weird that the penalty is so low for Racing Point. "They said themselves they copied the car through photos. The FIA document shows that this is just bullshit. So you have to start wondering about the other parts of the car as well," Brown explained in the press conference, which includes the BBC

Inconsistent stewards

According to Cyril Abiteboul and Fred Vasseur, it is strange that the stewards judge the situation so inconsistent. Both team bosses have already experienced that one of both cars was disqualified by an illegal part and so they indicate at the same press conference that a fine and a reduction in points is a very meagre penalty for literally taking over parts.

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