Hulkenberg now also sure of Spanish Grand Prix or will Perez come back?

07-08-2020 09:33 | Updated: 07-08-2020 10:31
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Hulkenberg now also sure of Spanish Grand Prix or will Perez come back?

Nico Hulkenberg will also replace Sergio Perez during the second Grand Prix at Silverstone with another positive test for coronavirus for Checo. The consequences of this are causing a lot of speculation.

Is Perez still allowed to drive?

It was quite a hassle to get Sergio Perez to do a test before Silverstone's second Grand Prix, but the task will only get harder for next week. So it looks like Hulkenberg will be in action not only this weekend but also in Spain.

Racing Point has been working hard for Sergio this week. The Mexican had tested positive on Thursday last week, but because the unclear test was done on Wednesday and there was only a seven day quarantine period then, Racing Point wanted that rule to be maintained. On Thursday the rule was changed to a period of ten days. 

Now seven days later, however, Perez has the result and is positive again. Seven days prior to the Grand Prix weekend in Spain there seems to be no chance that Perez will be in action there. After his positive test, Perez now has to be quarantined for ten days so he wouldn't be able to fly to Spain.

Hulkenberg takes revenge

However, there are still some obstacles to a third race for Hulkenberg, because the travel restrictions to enter Spain are minimal. Perez has to undergo a temperature test and will also be checked for problems. However, the Mexican doesn't have to submit a coronation test to enter Spain.

Racing Point will try to find every hole in the law to get Perez into Spain and so we can't assume that Hulkenberg will be in action next week. In any case, the German will get the chance to rectify his bad luck weekend with a nice performance this weekend, to give himself the ideal starting position for a seat in 2021.

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