Albon agrees with Verstappen: "Three days needed in Imola, two days not enough"

06-08-2020 17:56
Albon agrees with Verstappen: Three days needed in Imola, two days not enough

During the press conference prior to the second Grand Prix at Silverstone Max Verstappen indicated that he disagrees with the decision of the FIA and F1 to organise a two-day GP weekend at Imola. F1 has been playing with the idea of shortening the race weekend for some time now and they are going to test it out. Alex Albon doesn't think Imola is the right circuit for that either.

"It would be much more logical if we organise a two-day event at a circuit like Silverstone where we have two Grand Prixs", Albon explained in the same press conference where was present. The driver of Red Bull Racing does think the change from three to two days is a good change.

Three days needed at Imola

"It's not really necessary to be on the same circuit for three days. However, I think it would be a better idea to test it now and then give us three days at Imola". So Albon had hoped for more time to perfect the setup at Imola, because a new circuit takes a lot of time and work to get the hang of it.

Sebastian Vettel already sees that the setup work on the car is going to become more important. "Of course we all have the same amount of time to get into a rhythm for qualifying, it will certainly be more exciting. It will be much more important to use your time efficiently on the track", said the German in the same medium.

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