Verstappen: "Mercedes just built a great car"

06-08-2020 16:45 | Updated: 06-08-2020 17:18
Verstappen: Mercedes just built a great car

Max Verstappen will hope that the second Grand Prix at Silverstone will be as good as the first Grand Prix at the British circuit. The Red Bull Racing driver took second place in the first race, after both Mercedes drivers suffered punctures. The Dutchman was asked if he was frustrated about his big gap with Mercedes.

"I'm not frustrated with the situation. I've accepted the situation in the meantime. I also don't understand why people think I'm frustrated about the situation. I think a lot of people would like to be in my car. We will of course keep pushing to make the car better", the Dutchman explained during the press conference prior to the second Grand Prix at Silverstone, where is present.

Mercedes has a great car

"Mercedes just produced a great car. We have to respect that. Even though I'm still going to do everything I can to get the most out of the races. Second place last weekend is already a big bonus, because without a flat tire from Bottas we would have 'just' finished third," said the driver of Red Bull.

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