Who's in charge of engineering at Ferrari? 'Is James Key making the switch now?'

06-08-2020 13:27 | Updated: 06-08-2020 15:06
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Who's in charge of engineering at Ferrari? 'Is James Key making the switch now?'

Ferrari has always been known to throw people out when performance was poor and appoint big names. Mattia Binotto, however, retains his place as team boss, but some things have changed behind the scenes.

Actually, the question is what has changed. Since Maurizzio Arrivabene was fired as team boss of Ferrari, Mattia Binotto has taken over the lead, but it is not really clear who is in charge on the technical side. In the beginning Binotto seemed to be playing a double role, but he has now resigned.

Who is in charge at Ferrari?

A group of engineers had to make sure that an ideal car was produced, but after two good years with this system (2017 and 2018), the ideas in 2019 and 2020 are disappointing. With a large group, the question is who is really responsible and with the internal shifts, it is still not clear.

According to Motorsport.it, the organization now looks like this: Binotto (team boss), Enrico Cardile (Head of Performance Development), Enrico Gualtieri (motorcycles), Matteo Togninalli (responsible for circuit engineers), Laurent Mekies (sports management), Simone Resta (responsible for chassis) and Inaki Rueda (strategic decisions).

Key to Ferrari?

The question now is whether these six are still one to one accountable to Binotto or whether a technical head should be appointed over these men. The change of Carlos Sainz could cause a remarkable change, because according to Motorsport.it is James Key a name that goes around in Maranello.

It remains to be seen how likely that change is. Sainz was very happy that Key made the switch to McLaren, but after his switch from Toro Rosso to McLaren, a switch to Ferrari now seems very fast for Key.

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