The Formula 1 grid of 2021: "Important role for Red Bull Racing and Aston Martin'

06-08-2020 12:44 | Updated: 06-08-2020 15:06
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The Formula 1 grid of 2021: Important role for Red Bull Racing and Aston Martin'

With the contract of Valtteri Bottas ... places have already been filled on the Formula 1 grid for 2021. With Sebastian Vettel still free on the market and the return of Fernando Alonso, there still seem to be some drivers who are going to die.

The big name that's still uncertain is Lewis Hamilton. The Brit will most likely extend his contract with Mercedes, but that hasn't been decided yet. Ferrari has already completed the lineup for 2021 and Max Verstappen is stuck with Red Bull Racing. Who his team mate will be is far from certain, as it is still a big question mark whether Alexander Albon can finish this season at all.

Who gets another chance?

At Racing Point the situation is also strange. It is obvious that there are talks with Sebastian Vettel, but everyone assumed that the current drivers are fixed. Perez has a contract until 2023 and Lance Stroll is the boss' son. Who will have to make way if Vettel really comes?

The drivers at Red Bull can still be swapped and Haas and Alfa Romeo will also undergo changes. Kimi Raikkonen doesn't seem to stay another season and the future of Romain Grosjean is also uncertain. Ferrari talents Robert Shwartzman, Mick Schumacher and Callum Ilot seem to be the biggest contenders for seats on these teams.

The Formula 1 grid in 2021


Valterri Bottas

Lewis Hamilton (contract award not yet announced)

Red Bull Racing:

Max Verstappen



Charles Leclerc

Carlos Sainz


Daniel Ricciardo

Lando Norris


Fernando Alonso

Esteban Ocon

Aston Martin/Racing Point:

Sergio Perez (rumours are that contract may be redeemed)

Lance Stroll (seems less sure of his place with Vettel rumours)




Alfa Romeo:







George Russell

Nicholas Latifi

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