Weather forecast: A warm and sunny weekend at Silverstone

06-08-2020 08:20
Weather forecast: A warm and sunny weekend at Silverstone

Just like last week, Formula 1 will be driving in Great Britain this weekend and it promises to be a warm weekend at the Silverstone circuit. With temperatures well above 25 degrees, the teams will have to cope well with the conditions.

The weekend seems to stay dry although there is a chance that there will be a shower near Silverstone. For the time being this seems to be the case mainly on Sunday morning. However, the chance that this will have a big impact on the F1-weekend doesn't seem plausible.

Friday the warmest day

Friday is by far the warmest and sunniest day in the United Kingdom. The mercury reaches far above thirty degrees. One day later it is expected to be about 28 degrees, while we can expect about the same temperature on Sunday. On these days the sun will also come through less well.

Last week the asphalt temperature was already on the high side and this week's warm temperatures will only have increased. Add to this the fact that tyre producer Pirelli has brought softer compounds for the upcoming Grand Prix and you know the teams will face a challenge. Possibly the wear and tear will be even higher than during the first British GP of 2020.

Advantage Red Bull?

The warm temperatures could be to Red Bull Racing's advantage. Rival Mercedes always has a bit more trouble in warm conditions. The German world champion always experiences some problems with the cooling of her car. It can help Max Verstappen and Alexander Albon to find the speed at the front.

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