Wolff tempers high expectations: "We're really not safe yet."

05-08-2020 20:07
by GPblog.com
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Wolff tempers high expectations: We're really not safe yet.

Mercedes is perhaps more dominant than ever in a Formula 1 season. Mercedes has won all GP's so far and it doesn't look like the German team will be giving many victories to other teams this year. Of course the season is still long, but the omens are ominous.

Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff understands the frustrations of the other teams only too well: "Our car and engine are monstrous, perhaps the best we've ever made. We even have room for improvement in terms of durability," says Wolff opposite oe24.at

Mercedes is definitely not safe yet

Despite all the top performances and the big lead over the competition, Wolff isn't confident yet: "We're really not safe yet: We've just finished three races and Red Bull has always been strong towards the end of the season". 

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