Update | F1 personnel and teams have quarantine exemption in UK

05-08-2020 15:49 | Updated: 06-08-2020 12:55
by GPblog.com
Update | F1 personnel and teams have quarantine exemption in UK

This weekend the second British Grand Prix will be on the programme of the royal class of motor racing. After this, the Formula 1 circus will travel directly to Spain, but the continuation of the weekend in Barcelona is not yet 100% certain.

On Wednesday afternoon journalist Joe Saward announces the news that British media will first have to go into quarantine on their return from Spain. That is according to the guidelines set by the British government. 

Does everyone from Spain have to be quarantined first?

As soon as all the staff of the teams based in the UK have to, it is uncertain whether they will be able to be back in Belgium ten days later for the seventh Grand Prix of the season. That will mainly depend on how many days the quarantine obligation will apply.

"British-based media going to Spanish GP will have to quarantine on return. If that happens I doubt the race can happen. However F1 needs it to - to avoid celebrating Ferrari’s 999th GP at Mugello...rthday at Mugello", writes Saward on his Twitter

The 999th Ferrari Grand Prix will be held on the Barcelona circuit according to the current calendar, allowing the Italian race stable to run its thousandth Grand Prix in Italy. When the Spanish GP is cancelled, Ferrari will have to celebrate its party in Russia. 

Update August 6

A spokesperson of F1 confirmed to GPblog.com that all teams and F1 personnel can travel to the UK after the Spanish Grand Prix without quarantaining. Formula 1 is marked as an elite sport and therefore has an quarantine exemption. UK media is not covered by this exemption.

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