Verstappen: "Maybe we'll find a tenth or a tenth and a half."

05-08-2020 14:20
Verstappen: Maybe we'll find a tenth or a tenth and a half.

Max Verstappen has hinted that a third place is probably the most realistic place to finish at Silverstone this weekend. According to the driver of Red Bull Racing, the Mercedes is simply too fast and that gap won't have been filled in a week's time.

"The gap is so big, come on," is Verstappen quoted by, among others, about the gap to Mercedes. The 22-year-old Dutchman has no illusions that the difference with the German world champion will be gone within a week. "Maybe we'll find a tenth or a tenth and a half. Then we'll be a little closer, but not close enough."

Christian Horner says his team in Milton Keynes is doing everything they can to be more competitive in the second British GP at Silverstone. "We have four days to turn the tide, look at the set-up, consider further subtle developments and try to improve our performance," said Red Bull's team boss.

Surer hopes for updates

According to Marc Surer it is also necessary for the Austrian team to come up with improvements, because the former Formula 1 driver believes there is currently something wrong with the aerodynamics of the RB16. According to him this is also the reason why Verstappen and Alexander Albon are slipping and sliding so often. "It was very bad at the beginning. Now they've done it a bit better, but the drivers are still turning away."

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