Briatore believes in Alonso: ''He can still make a difference''

05-08-2020 08:23
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Briatore believes in Alonso: ''He can still make a difference''

Fernando Alonso joins Renault in 2021, but has already indicated that the team should focus on 2022. Then the new rules will come, but according to Flavio Briatore there is still a lot to be done at the team.

In 2005 and 2006 Briatore and Alonso won the Formula 1 title together for Renault. The factory team finally broke through the hegemony of Ferrari and faces a bright future. Fourteen years later, however, there is still no title and there is still enough to be done behind the scenes to make that step.

Renault back to the top

''They're technically very good at Renault and there's good work on the engine too, but the factory still needs to be improved. That's where the chassis will be made and that means that the Enstone plant has to be modernised in order to be competitive again'', says Briatore to Betway.

In 2022 Alonso will be 40 years old, so the question is whether he will be able to keep up with the level? ''Fernando has been out for two years, but fully charged and fitter than ever. He is still a driver to take into account and in a good car he can still make the difference'', concludes Briatore laudatory.

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