Plooij doesn't believe Perez's story: "Can hardly imagine"

04-08-2020 19:33
Plooij doesn't believe Perez's story: Can hardly imagine

Sergio Perez could not start last weekend in the Grand Prix of Great Britain. The Racing Point driver had tested positive for the coronavirus, so he will first have to spend a few days in self-isolation. Perez was probably infected during his trip to Mexico. Jack Plooij calls it a very unwise action of the Mexican.

"That was his own fault. He's getting on a plane to a fire, isn't he?", Plooij is quite fierce in an interview with According to the 59-year-old analyst, Perez shouldn't have gone to his mother's in Mexico. "He just shouldn't have done that. I really don't think it's wise what he did."

Perez had a meeting?

At least, that was Perez's story. His mother had been in the hospital after an accident, but if the 30-year-old's story is factually correct... "He said that. But I don't think that was entirely true. He had to pick up some money and discuss with Carlos Slim whether they wanted to go to Haas or Alfa Romeo. I understand that in his situation he wanted to talk to Carlos Slim," Plooij refers to one of Perez' major financiers. There is a chance that Sebastian Vettel will take over his seat at Racing Point in 2021.

Although Ziggo Sport's pit reporter isn't entirely sure of his case, he's tough on Lance Stroll's teammate. "You don't go that way between races for fun while you're at risk of contracting the disease. I think it's really stupid what he's done. That may sound mean and if he really went that way just for his mother, then I'm completely wrong, but I can hardly imagine. He's under pressure and you're taking risks."

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