Steiner critical on F1 penalty system: "It doesn't work"

04-08-2020 14:04 | Updated: 04-08-2020 15:15
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Steiner critical on F1 penalty system: It doesn't work

During the first lap of the British GP, Red Bull Racing driver Alexander Albon and Haas rider Kevin Magnussen got involved in a collision. Alex was given a five-second penalty for the crash, but Haas team boss Guenther Steiner remains unsatisfied and thinks the F1 penalty system doesn't work.

F1 penalty system disproportionate

Steiner's criticism focuses on the double standard he believes is being used. The fact that Albon was given a five-second time penalty for ruining Magnussen's race is disproportionate to the penalties the Haas drivers received in Hungary. quoted Steiner: "The penalty system does not work well. In Hungary we entered the pits before the race. We decided to penalise ourselves a bit and start from the pitlane, but still got ten seconds time penalty". Steiner is referring to the team's decision to start on dry weather tyres after all.

Ending someone else's race weighs more heavily

The team boss continues: "We were thrown out on the first lap here. It was absolutely Albon's fault, he got a penalty. However, that penalty was only five seconds and we were already on the sideline. In Hungary we didn't do any damage and didn't take advantage of our decision because we already punished ourselves with a pitlane start".

Steiner adds: "It seems like I'm always complaining about this, but I think there have been several situations in which we're at a disadvantage. The punishment doesn't always fit the crime."

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