FIA: That's why Albon was given a five-second time penalty

03-08-2020 16:14
FIA: That's why Albon was given a five-second time penalty

Alexander Albon received a five-second time penalty from the stewards on Sunday afternoon after a touché with Kevin Magnussen in the opening phase of the British Grand Prix. At Red Bull Racing they thought it was a race incident, at Haas F1 they thought the penalty handed out was too light. The FIA now gives more explanation.

In conversation with, Michael Masi let us know what happened in his eyes. The race leader of the International Motorsport Association draws a comparison with the crash between Albon and Lewis Hamilton in the first Grand Prix of the year at the Red Bull Ring.

Why was Albon punished?

"If you compare the two, this incident is no different than the one between Alex and Lewis in Austria, where he hit the rear wheel," says Masi. "Alex wasn't seen as the only 'culprit' this time, but more as the 'main culprit' for this incident."

What the born Australian means by that, he then explains to the German medium. "Kevin also played a role, but Alex was more to blame, so it was decided to impose a five-second time penalty on him."

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