Horner on pace Albon: "He needs a simple and boring weekend."

03-08-2020 13:40 | Updated: 03-08-2020 13:53
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Horner on pace Albon: He needs a simple and boring weekend.

Alexander Albon didn't perform well at Silverstone. The Thai had a weak start on Saturday and the start of the race was not very good either. Nevertheless Red Bull Racing team boss Christian Horner continues to see the potential of the driver. Horner was impressed by his recovery in the second part of the race.

Alex Albon finally picked up P8 at Silverstone. Not a great result if you compare it to teammate Max Verstappen who finished second at five seconds from the winner. Still, with a bit of luck Albon made it to P8 in Silverstone. His start was very bad.

Albon came in a crash with Kevin Magnussen in which the Danish Haas driver was eliminated. Albon had to collect a five second time penalty. Opposite Motorsport.com his team boss says he doesn't completely agree with the penalty: "If you look from the start, you see that Kevin already made a mistake and went too wide.

Horner positive about Albon

Albon drove with fresh tyres in the final stage of the race from P17 to P8. According to Horner, "His recovery was impressive".

"We've seen it with him before. He's very good at driving forward. His race pace was great. I think we need a simple and boring weekend for him to show that. He's had a strong Grand Prix on his own."

"With an extra race, I think and hope he can make progress again. I am very happy with his performance in the race", Horner concludes.

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