Horner: "We saw fifty small cuts in Verstappen's tires"

03-08-2020 09:13 | Updated: 03-08-2020 09:40
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Horner: We saw fifty small cuts in Verstappen's tires

The big question after the British Grand Prix is whether Max Verstappen could have taken victory by not going for a second pit stop. According to Christian Horner there would certainly have been a chance that the Dutchman would also have had a flat tire.

With one lap to go Max Verstappen dives into the pit stop for a set of soft tyres, so he can set the fastest lap of the race and his old, hard tyres won't puncture. A few moments before that, Valtteri Bottas had a flat tyre. When Verstappen enters the pit lane, Lewis Hamilton also gets a flat tire.

Wouldn't that have been the victory? Christian Horner doesn't think so. "There was no guarantee that Max's car would be spared such damage. To be more precise, we discovered about fifty small cuts in the tyres of Verstappen after the race. So that's because of debris on the track," the team boss told the press in the UK, including RaceFans.net.

Spared from potential loss

"If we'd stayed outside, we could have lost second position because of the same tire problem as Lewis, Carlos Sainz or Bottas. We were right on the limit. I'm very grateful for what we have, rather than what we could potentially have lost", concludes the British. Just like Horner, Verstappen himself was satisfied with the nineteen points achieved at Silverstone.

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