Vettel: "There's something fundamentally wrong, with me or with the car"

02-08-2020 18:11 | Updated: 02-08-2020 19:38
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Vettel: There's something fundamentally wrong, with me or with the car

Sebastian Vettel had a very poor race. The Ferrari driver had to settle for a tenth place that gave him one solitary point. And he received it mainly because Valtteri Bottas and Carlos Sainz suffered a flat tyre in the final laps.

No excuses

"It wasn't exactly the best race. I tried everything, including the driving style. But this weekend we, the car and I, didn't find each other. I had trouble changing my driving style every two or three laps, but in the end, I had very, very little faith in the car," Vettel tells German RTL.

"Every time I tried to brake later and put more speed into the corner, I struggled to keep my car on track," the four-time world champion continues. He doesn't see the precious time he lost on Friday and Saturday as an excuse: "I think I've been around long enough already. And of course, if I miss a few laps, it's not ideal. This weekend I had nowhere to go."

Not at ease

"As it is now, we're getting nowhere, there's something fundamentally wrong somewhere, with me or with the car. I actually had a lot of hope at first that something would work, but already in the first lap and the laps after that, I didn't feel comfortable. And then you can't really attack, it's more like defending than attacking the car in front," concludes the Ferrari driver.

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