Vettel on preventing coronavirus: "You can't lock drivers up"

02-08-2020 13:21 | Updated: 02-08-2020 13:34
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Vettel on preventing coronavirus: You can't lock drivers up

The organisation of Formula 1 tries to do everything possible to prevent drivers and staff in the paddock from becoming infected with the coronavirus. According to Sebastian Vettel, it is however impossible to prevent it completely.

Prior to the race weekend in Great Britain, it was announced that Sergio Perez has been infected with COVID-19, which means he will have to miss two Grands Prix. A great opportunity for substitute Nico Hulkenberg, but it makes it clear that it is very difficult for the organization to prevent infections in the paddock.

According to Sebastian Vettel, it is impossible to prevent drivers from coming into contact with other people between Grands Prix. "They can't do that. I don't think you can lock someone up in one location. First of all, I don't know what exactly Sergio has done and secondly, I hope that everything goes well with him," says the German in conversation with Channel 4.

"But it's a serious problem. All we can do is be responsible and make sure we wash our hands and keep our distance. If you can't do that, you have to wear a mask and be smart. For the rest we have to see it," continues the four-time world champion.

Measures at Mercedes

According to Toto Wolff, Mercedes has done everything in its power to prevent infections within the team. "The drivers and the team have decided to take measures to protect everyone as best they can. On the track, we try to keep the drivers out of meetings as much as possible. It's mainly Teams and Zoom meetings that they participate in," explains the team boss.

"Outside the track, it is mainly common sense, avoiding large groups and not going to restaurants, pubs or children's birthday parties," concludes the Austrian.

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