Verstappen doubts whether it's possible to close the gap: "They don't stand still"

01-08-2020 19:34 | Updated: 01-08-2020 22:33
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Verstappen doubts whether it's possible to close the gap: They don't stand still

The weekend in Hungary was, despite the result, a painful realisation for Red Bull Racing. On Saturday Max Verstappen didn't get further than seventh place. According to the Dutchman, the RB16 is a lot better this weekend.

To close the big gap with Mercedes, Red Bull Racing will have to come up with some radical changes. In Hungary, it only turned out that the team went in the wrong direction. To make sure there isn't more damage, Red Bull has had to work hard in the off-week.

According to Max Verstappen, the work undoubtedly had results. "Compared to Hungary the car is for sure better. Hungary was not really good. Of course, there are still things that need to be improved and we are working on it, but I think it’s now just purely working on balance as well, yeah, finding more performance in that. We do understand where it’s coming from; now it’s just time, of course, to put different parts onto the car and make it faster", the Dutchman explained at the FIA press conference.

Gap to Mercedes too big?

Although Verstappen sees possibilities to make the RB16 faster, according to the driver it is very difficult to close the gap with Mercedes. "The problem is that the gap is so big to the guys ahead that it will be very hard to close so yeah, I believe the guys are working flat out of course to improve the car, so I’m confident they can do that but of course also the others are not standing still so yeah, we have a lot of hard work in front of us but let’s see what we can do", Verstappen concludes.

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