Lammers: "Albon isn't that much slower than Verstappen"

01-08-2020 14:23 | Updated: 01-08-2020 15:20
Lammers: Albon isn't that much slower than Verstappen

Alexander Albon has received a lot of criticism since the beginning of this season. However, according to Jan Lammers, this is not entirely justified. Lammers thinks Albon is not much slower than his teammate Max Verstappen.

Red Bull must improve

"If Red Bull Racing succeeds in improving the car, Albon will drive better too. He's not that much slower than Verstappen at all", says Lammers in conversation with

"Under good conditions and with good material you will see that Albon is perhaps only two tenths slower than Verstappen. Red Bull now has a car that is difficult to drive and the class difference is even more bigger", says the former Formula 1 driver.

Nice performance under difficult conditions

"A good driver like Verstappen can perform well even under difficult conditions", concludes Lammers. Team boss Christian Horner is also still behind his drivers. He said this in the press conference on Friday.

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