Analysis Red Bull Racing: "Looks like their car isn't suited for this"

01-08-2020 12:52 | Updated: 01-08-2020 15:17
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Analysis Red Bull Racing: Looks like their car isn't suited for this

For Red Bull Racing, the third free practice session was a game of two halves. On the one hand, Verstappen was able to keep up with both Mercedes drivers, but on the other hand, there were again problems for Alexander Albon. As a result, the British-Thai has anything but good preparation for qualifying and the race.

Yesterday Albon already lost valuable time when he parked his RB16 in the wall towards the end of FP2. This caused a delay because some problems still had to be solved with the Honda power source. Especially on Saturday morning, this is annoying and according to Jenson Button, you saw afterwards that Albon wanted to compensate for this.

Pointy car a problem for Red Bull

"During his first round, he obviously tried a little too hard, because he went wide in Copse. You saw how he went over that kerb, that looked pretty nasty for the bottom of the car. He finished far away from his teammate, but hopefully, he was able to gather more information and we'll see him stronger during qualifying," he says in his analysis for Sky Sports F1.

Damon Hill thinks he has an explanation for Albon's trouble. "There is speed in the Red Bull. Everyone is struggling with the crosswind, but the suggestion has been made that their car is not suitable for this. The Red Bull gets very pointy, with a lot of weight on the front of the car, which makes it harder to drive than the Mercedes or the Racing Point".

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