Verstappen drove with the wrong headrest: "I thought, 'what is this?'"

01-08-2020 10:23 | Updated: 01-08-2020 12:39
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Verstappen drove with the wrong headrest: I thought, 'what is this?'

Max Verstappen did an excellent job during free practice yesterday, although he was hindered from time to time on the track. But that wasn't the only thing the Dutchman had to deal with, he didn't like his headrest either. Talking to Ziggo Sport in the F1 Cafe, he explains what was going on.

Headrest of Albon

"Alexander drives with those nodules on the inside of the headrest, not me. That's not my style, because I prefer to lean into the bends with my head. The team has given me this headrest a couple of times to try, but it doesn't suit me." And that's where it went wrong, the team had given Albon's headrest to Verstappen, who immediately noticed.

"As I drove out, I thought, 'what is this?' When I felt with my hand I noticed that the wrong headrest was in the car. I really can't drive it, because then I can't lean with my head. It feels like I'm stuck and that's not nice." In the end, Verstappen swapped the headrest for the right one.

Furthermore, the Dutchman briefly addressed the lack of fans along the track. About that he says it's noticeable: "It's as if it's some kind of private test session now. But I think we should be especially happy that we can race now. And we have good cameras everywhere, so it's good to follow at home," said the top driver at Red Bull Racing.

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