Heavy test for Honda: ''I expect it won't be easy''

31-07-2020 07:16 | Updated: 31-07-2020 08:22
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Heavy test for Honda: ''I expect it won't be easy''

Red Bull Racing and Honda had high expectations prior to the Formula 1 season, but after the first Triple Header, those expectations evaporated after another dominant start by Mercedes. There is work to be done, according to Toyoharu Tanabe.

Work to do

''Everyone has had a short break, because it has been quite intense,'' says Tanabe in the preview of Honda. However, one could not sit still for very long. ''During the first Triple Header we saw a clear gap to our competitors and we are now working closely with Red Bull to close the gap.''

Also at the headquarters in Sakura they are working hard. ''In Sakura, we're working on solutions to the problems we encountered in the first three races. For example, we've also analysed the strategy for using the engine in order to optimise it even further," says Honda's Technical Director.

Heavy test for Honda

The British Grand Prix will be a big test for Honda, which seemed to lag behind Mercedes in the first Triple Header. Silverstone is a lot more engine power depended, so now you can really see how far away Honda have come.

''This circuit is a good test for our engine package. With two teams we have learned a lot in the past races and will use it this weekend to perform better. Last year we had a tough time here and I don't expect it to be easy this year either, but we will continue to work hard for our teams'', concludes Tanabe.

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