Does Verstappen give up hope for title 2020? "If we find something next year..."

30-07-2020 18:14
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Does Verstappen give up hope for title 2020? If we find something next year...

That Red Bull Racing is a long way behind rival Mercedes is clear. Nevertheless, the team seems to have a strong P2 in its hands with the loss of Ferrari so far. Racing Point is fast on Saturday, but is just short on Sunday. Max Verstappen says he isn't frustrated about the situation, but he just wants to win.

Mercedes, especially from Lewis Hamilton, seems a dot on the horizon. Even for the number two it is difficult to keep up with Mercedes. Max Verstappen already indicated to be half a second behind the German race stable per lap.

This shows that Verstappen has accepted that Mercedes is once again in a class of its own. The Dutchman adds during the press conference: "I always come to the race weekends to get the most out of it. Of course I always want to participate for the victory. Unfortunately that is not the case at the moment".

Verstappen not frustrated

"We must continue to learn and improve. Mercedes also continues to work hard and improve. If we find something next year that brings us forward that would be great. That doesn't mean I'm frustrated here now. But yes, I just want to win races."

The fact that Verstappen is already looking forward to next year means that the Dutchman has given up hope of a championship this year. Mercedes has made too strong a start sprint. With a shortened calendar it is only more difficult to catch up than previous years.

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