'Red Bull is not against attracting drivers from outside their program'

29-07-2020 16:58 | Updated: 29-07-2020 17:06
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'Red Bull is not against attracting drivers from outside their program'

Red Bull Racing currently has all drivers in Formula 1 coming from their own training pool. Yet that pool has dried up a bit in recent years and clearly Max Verstappen is the best asset compared to Alexander Albon, Pierre Gasly and Daniil Kvyat. None of these three are equal to the Dutchman, so the question is whether Red Bull Racing shouldn't look outside its own ranks.

Greatest power to become champion

This statement was presented to David Coulthard in the In the Fast Lane podcast, in which he states that Red Bull Racing is absolutely not against it. At least, that's what he thinks. "They should always look at the best drivers and the best car, because that gives you the greatest strength to win a constructors championship. It is interesting, because I have been part of that program. Not as a young driver of course, but as part of the Red Bull system when they came to Formula 1".

"I wasn't part of their young drivers program, because I was quite an old driver. But I don't think they're against hiring drivers from outside their programme. Mark Webber entered the programme and he wasn't a Red Bull driver before that. So they always go for the one who offers the best package." In other words, the best drivers.

Offer a chance

Coulthard also states that the program offers an opportunity for many young drivers and it is up to them to show the best of themselves. "Some of those juniors shine in the lower classes, but don't stand out in Formula 1 and vice versa. For example, Lance Stroll managed to win everything, but I wouldn't say that he is someone who can beat Hamilton now that he is in Formula 1."

So the conclusion is that Red Bull Racing primarily looks at its own program, because that's where the investment lies. The guys who get out there get a chance to prove themselves, but it certainly doesn't rule out attracting external drivers. At the moment both teams are filled and it doesn't look like it will change soon.

But if Alexander Albon doesn't perform well enough over the entire 2020 stage in the eyes of Helmut Marko and Christian Horner, it is very interesting to see what they will do in 2021. After all, promoting Gasly or Kvyat seems pretty unlikely, those guys have already had their chance at Red Bull Racing.

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