Before the British Grand Prix there will be an anti-racism protest

27-07-2020 17:50
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Before the British Grand Prix there will be an anti-racism protest

As with the first Grand Prix, there will also be an anti-racism protest next Sunday prior to the British Grand Prix. Formula 1 has announced to the BBC that they will give drivers, teams and other staff room to make themselves heard against racism.

Criticism on Formula 1

There has been a lot of criticism of Formula 1 because the protests there were quite messy and disorganized. In the last two races there was no time for it and therefore the protest that took place was not properly registered for the TV broadcast. That has to change and therefore it is now better coordinated.

Lewis Hamilton, one of the most important leaders in this field, said afterwards: "It's lacking leadership - and ultimately, we perform in a sport. There needs to be leadership from the top. They need to come out with: 'This is what we're going to do and we want you all to be part of it.' And there is none of that."

Specific moment for protest

A message that has been received loud and clear by Formula 1, because before the start of the British Grand Prix there will be a specific time for the protest on the schedule. This is to avoid that it is not registered for TV and that it will be messy.

Again all drivers will have to wear a shirt, but how they carry out their protest during that time is up to each driver. So drivers will not be ordered to kneel if they don't want to. Details about the moment when the protest will take place, which still have to be shared by Formula 1.

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