McLaren third in constructors' championship? "We can definitely fight for it"

27-07-2020 17:23
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McLaren third in constructors' championship? We can definitely fight for it

McLaren has started the current season well with an immediate podium for Lando Norris and both drivers in the points. A week later it was again a good result with a lot of points. In Hungary it was only Carlos Sainz who got points, but nevertheless he is in good shape with the British team.

McLaren will continue to be a challenge

For other teams at the head of midfield, McLaren has been a team to take seriously since 2019. In the end, the team also managed to finish fourth in the constructors' championship where they are now in third place. In fact, with a Ferrari down, it is realistic - at the moment - to think that that position can be maintained throughout the season.

Lando Norris is optimistic: "We can definitely fight for it", said the McLaren driver against Sky Sports F1 when he was asked what the chances are for third position among the constructors. "It's hard to say. The first two races of the season were extremely good. Overachieving in some ways and beating a lot of cars that were quicker than us.

"In the end, they were quicker than us - but we did a better job in terms of strategy and racing and not crashing and not getting penalties. We overachieved and we did better than our pace shows," said Norris, who clearly has a challenge, because that successful start is no guarantee for the rest of the season.

Realistic situation

In that perspective, the Grand Prix in Hungary was a more realistic representation of the capabilities of McLaren. Norris: "[Hungary] was a bit more of a realistic outlook on results - maybe not so much on my side because I did the mistake at the start and put myself in a worse position than I should have been - but I think we've got a very good opportunity to fight for it this year."

"Last year that was the top three gone and then everyone else [was fighting for fourth]. Now we have a better opportunity to be there and fight and maybe swing it back and forth," concludes Norris, who remains motivated to bring his team to the best possible position among the constructors.

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