Honda has meeting with Red Bull: 'Sharing thoughts about deficit on Mercedes'

27-07-2020 09:42 | Updated: 27-07-2020 11:04
by Sebastiaan Bakker
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Honda has meeting with Red Bull: 'Sharing thoughts about deficit on Mercedes'

Red Bull Racing has a difficult start to the 2020 F1 season. The RB16 seems to be difficult to balance and they still lack some speed on the straight. Especially compared to Mercedes. For Honda reason to have a chat with the team.

"It is now important for Red Bull and Honda to share our thoughts about the fact that we can't fight Mercedes at the moment," said Masashi Yamamoto in an interview with Auto Sport Web. "That's why we've decided to call a meeting between the executives of both parties for the Grand Prix of Great Britain".

Yamamoto stressed that this was not an emergency meeting, but that meetings that should normally have taken place earlier in the year could not take place because of the coronavirus. He then explains who will be attending this meeting.

Who is present at the meeting of Red Bull - Honda

"The usual participants are Asaki (Head of Development Honda Power Source in Sakura, Japan), Tanabe (Technical Director), Aoyama, Watanabe (Chief Director of Brand Communications, Honda Motor Co) and myself. From Red Bull's side, Christian Horner and Helmut Marko are the regular attendees and different people are added depending on the topic of discussion. For example, when it comes to technical matters, Adrian Newey will always be present".

Yamamoto says that this time Christian Horner in particular will be spoken to and that this meeting will take place on 29th or 30th of July at the factory in Milton Keynes. So that's just before the Grand Prix weekend starts at Silverstone.

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