Horner looks forward to British GP: "Got my first F1 memories here"

27-07-2020 09:10
by GPblog.com
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Horner looks forward to British GP: Got my first F1 memories here

The upcoming Grand Prix of Great Britain traditionally takes place at the Silverstone circuit. It is sacred ground for Formula 1 and especially for the British teams. Not in the least because it was here that a large part of their staff first came into contact with the sport. So did Christian Horner.

Horner is now the big man on the Red Bull Racing team and although that's not the case with every team boss, racing is in his blood. As a teenager, he was already doing well in karting, but Formula 1 was still a long way off. Yet that world fascinated him so much that he broke into the circuit during a test session at Silverstone.

Meeting with his own future

"I was remembering back to 1991 and one of my earliest F1 memories. I sneaked a day off school and instead of driving there, I drove to Silverstone. I managed to find a hole in the fence and made it in to the pit lane. Having got in there, I definitely wasn't going to leave", he says in his column for Redbull.com.

There he not only stood face to face with his great hero Nigel Mansell and the icon of the time: Ayrton Senna, but also with the FW14. The first by Adrian Newey developed Williams with active suspension. Could he ever have thought that he would string the World Championships side by side with this designer?

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