Alisson about tricky start Mercedes: "Deep problems"

26-07-2020 08:39 | Updated: 26-07-2020 09:41
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Alisson about tricky start Mercedes: Deep problems

Looking at the World Cup stand immediately brings the feeling that Mercedes has started the new title hunt again, but the start of the season didn't go as smoothly as expected. Mercedes has been lucky in Austria, according technical director James Alisson.

Mercedes won the race thanks to Valtteri Bottas, who crossed the line first in Austria. Merc struggled all weekend with the kerbs on the Red Bull Ring, which caused chaos in the factory of Mercedes. "The sensor problem we had in the first Austrian race was really very frightening.  From the Friday of the first Austrian race there was an awful lot of work going on at the factory trying to understand what was leaving us in the front of the gearbox. It was a lot of work to understand where the cable was vibrating and why that cable broke as a result of that vibration. It was a scary job and it gave the factory workers sleepless nights," says Alisson on the Mercedes YouTube channel.


The following week Mercedes learned from their experiences by ending the weekend on the same circuit with a formidable 1-2. Lewis Hamilton won the race, ahead of Valtteri Bottas, giving Mercedes first place in the constructors' championship and the drivers first and second place in the World Championship.

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