All praise for Verstappen and Red Bull, but Albon was 'invisible'

23-07-2020 18:20
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All praise for Verstappen and Red Bull, but Albon was 'invisible'

Gian Carlo Minardi and his team drove in the back for years, but could say that he developed his cars himself. The seemingly Mercedes clone that Racing Point is letting appear on the track this year can't charm him at all.

In a review of his own website, Minardi reacts with admiration for the speed Mercedes showed in Hungary. According to the Italian, no team has been so dominant since the Williams of the early 90s. "Hamilton and Bottas have a car approaching perfection".

Red Bull and Verstappen managed to recover

The fact that Racing Point also benefited from this became clear during qualifying, with it taking the position as second team of Red Bull Racing. Minardi says that this is completely against the logic of the constructors' championship, but also shows how well Mercedes is doing. However, he also admires the way in which Red Bull Racing and Max Verstappen managed to recover.

"Congratulations to Red Bull on their hard work, especially after Verstappen's mistake in the reconnaissance lap. A second place was perhaps unexpected, but the excellent work done by the driver and especially the whole team is now paying off. Albon was otherwise invisible and was more than a minute behind his team mate".

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