Promoter GP China expects cancellation

20-07-2020 18:54 | Updated: 20-07-2020 19:35
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Promoter GP China expects cancellation

The China GP that was to be held in April was officially postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It seems very likely that the postponement will become a cancellation in this case. The promoter of the event claims to have already accepted the postponement.

Racefans reports that there is a good chance that China's GP will not take place in 2020 after all. The coronavirus originated in China and even there the situation still has to be treated with extreme caution. Earlier this month, the sports federation of the country indicated that international sporting events will not take place this year, with the exception of the preparations for the Winter Games of 2022.

It was hoped that an exception would be made for the F1 race. A Chinese source informed the news medium that the promoter of the race, Juss Event, has already accepted the fact that the Grand Prix will not take place this year.

China may be the eighth GP that does not take place

So after Australia, the Netherlands, Monaco, Azerbaijan, France, Singapore and Japan, China is probably the eighth GP that we know for sure will not take place in 2020. Shanghai is about 700 kilometres from Wuhan, which can rightly be called the epicentre of the coronavirus.

At the moment the F1 is three weeks running. In those three weeks, three races have already been driven. Another seven races are already scheduled. With the intention to get at least fifteen races on the calendar this year, there may still be double races to be held on certain circuits.

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