Di Montezemolo: "It's an exaggeration to do a complete reorganization"

20-07-2020 17:23
by GPblog.com
Di Montezemolo: It's an exaggeration to do a complete reorganization

Luca di Montezemolo, the former president of Ferrari, says that he looks with pain at the Scuderia. The team is doing particularly badly during the first three races of the new Formula 1 season.

Problem is the car itself

According to di Montezemolo, Ferrari owes all the problems to itself. "Ferrari's problem lies with the car, not with the drivers. A new nose or front wing won't make any difference, especially when racing every week. It's up to the organisation within the team", says the former right-hand man of Enzo Ferrari in the radio program Gr Parlamento.

"It is an exaggeration to do a complete reorganization", says di Montezemolo. According to him, it is due to the organization that things are not going well at Ferrari. "If the team still wants to succeed, the leadership must dare more in their decisions. If the car doesn't improve quickly, they will have a bigger problem next year than now."

Early announcement of Vettel's departure

Also di Montezemolo finds it special to see that Ferrari has announced so early in the season not to continue with Sebastian Vettel. The Italian believes that the pressure on Charles Leclerc is now far too great. "No matter how good he is, he's only been driving for the team for a year and hasn't won a championship yet."

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