Ferrari may change direction: "Current dynamics is not acceptable"

19-07-2020 19:48 | Updated: 19-07-2020 20:20
Ferrari may change direction: Current dynamics is not acceptable

Mattia Binotto raised the alarm at Ferrari. The team boss realises that it's high time to do things differently if it wants to be able to fight for podium finishes this year. The 50-year-old chief is pretty angry and disappointed after the Hungarian Grand Prix in which only Sebastian Vettel managed to finish sixth in the points.

"A very disappointing Sunday. This is a very difficult result to digest", Binotto told and others. Where the performance of the Maranello based race team on Saturday was still very good, it was different one day later. "In qualifying we were able to bring out the best of our current potential, but this was not the case in the race. Finishing a lap behind is very painful for us and the fans".

Will Ferrari change their direction?

In about ten days the Silverstone Grand Prix is scheduled. There will also be two races in the UK, so it's important for the Italians to do their homework well. "We're finally going home and then we have to do everything we can to improve on all fronts and in all respects. We will need a clear analysis from everyone and we need to gather the courage to change course if necessary".

Where they don't want to talk about a crisis at Red Bull Racing, seems to be Ferrari. "The current dynamic is not acceptable. There are no other solutions to remedy this situation", Binotto is hard on his team.

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