Tanabe reassured Verstappen: "There was no problem"

19-07-2020 08:55 | Updated: 19-07-2020 09:02
by GPblog.com
Tanabe reassured Verstappen: There was no problem

Honda started the weekend in Hungary with problems with Pierre Gasly's car in the first free practice. In qualifying, problems with his power source reappeared and so he got a new one before the race. Is it something all Honda drivers should be worried about?

That's something Honda is now going to investigate, Toyoharu Tanabe says to the Japanese Auto Sport Web. "We're going to look in detail at the causal relationship [between the problems in VT1 and Q2]. Although we drove without any problems after VT1. In both VT2 and VT3 there was nothing wrong, not even in the lung runs".

Engine sent to factory

Tanabe hopes that a definitive cause and solution will be found in the factory in Japan, where the power source has already been sent to, but for the time being the manufacturer is in the dark. The only information they actually have is the comments of the drivers.

"'It doesn't feel right, said the driver [Gasly]. It feels like the engine is failing at any moment," said Tanabe, who was able to reassure anxious Verstappen a little later. The Dutchman asked to check his engine after the failure of Gasly, but "there was no problem," said Tanabe.

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