Hamilton wants creativity in racing format, but doesn't like reversed grid

15-07-2020 19:43 | Updated: 15-07-2020 19:46
by GPblog.com
Hamilton wants creativity in racing format, but doesn't like reversed grid

The Styrian Grand Prix was probably a bit boring for the neutral viewer. The wet qualification caused some commotion, but the race actually went exactly as you'd expect. Because they had raced here a week earlier, everyone knew exactly where they stood. A missed opportunity, says Lewis Hamilton.

“I definitely think we should be trying to be more creative maybe, but I don’t know what that is. I don’t have the answers for it, but just shifting a tyre is not going to make any difference, literally no difference really for us", Hamilton said to Motorsport.com.

He's referring to the different tyre compositions that Pirelli is taking with him for the two races at Silverstone. According to Hamilton that is not going to change the result significantly. However, a reversed starting position, as proposed by Ross Brawn before the start of the season, isn't what the world champion wants either.

Hamilton doesn't want to start from the back

"It’s a shame we can’t reverse the circuit and go the other way, but obviously that was never in the game plan when designing these circuits. If we qualified at the front, and then you put us last it would be a bit of a difficult one. I wonder if there are other series that are doing anything different that we could look into."

The IndyCar on Road America might have had an interesting idea last weekend. They drove two races in one weekend, where the tyres were not allocated per race, but for the whole weekend. So drivers had the opportunity to save fresh rubber for the second race during the first race.

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