Former team boss Vettel: "Contract Perez can easily be terminated"

15-07-2020 10:17
Former team boss Vettel: Contract Perez can easily be terminated

Gerhard Berger considers the chance of a switch from Sebastian Vettel to Racing Point significant. He thinks there may even have been talks between the two camps. The former team boss of the German states that Racing Point can clear the way for Vettel relatively easily. 

"That's probably already happened somewhere," says Berger at ServusTV about conversations that may have taken place between Vettel and Racing Point. "In Formula 1 it's usually the case that such issues are already settled when they come out. That's why I can imagine Sebastian driving for Racing Point. That could be the only alternative for him, where he says: 'I can win races with this car'".

Does Berger know more?

According to the 60-year-old Austrian, it is contractually also possible for Lawrencec Stroll to make room for Vettel. "As far as I know, Sergio Perez has a so-called soft contract, which can be terminated relatively easily." At the moment, the Mexican's commitment runs until 2022.

According to Berger, Racing Point seems to be the only serious option for the four-time world champion. "I wouldn't want to see Sebastian anywhere in midfield, but they (Racing Point, ed.) did an excellent job at the last Grand Prix. With a Sebastian in the car that would have been even better, no doubt," said the boss of the DTM.

Mercedes is not in it for Vettel

There's probably no place at Mercedes. Lewis Hamilton would block a transfer, Berger thinks. "As long as Lewis is there, there's no room for Sebastian. Lewis is back in the best car this year, can once again become world champion and matches Michael Schumacher's record. (of seven world titles). Then he will certainly try to improve that record. Why would he stop or change the team if he can break all the records?"

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