Verstappen about technical circuit Hungary: "Every mistake has a consequence".

14-07-2020 19:04 | Updated: 15-07-2020 07:21
Verstappen about technical circuit Hungary: Every mistake has a consequence.

Max Verstappen will start the third game in a row in this special season together with the rest of the field. After two weeks in Austria it's now the neighbourhood of Hungary. A more 'technical track', according to Verstappen.

With a painful difference compared to Mercedes in Austria, it is logical that Verstappen is a bit slow on the mark. The Red Bull driver is especially curious about the difference with Mercedes, he says through Red Bull's official channels:

"Of course I want to get the best out of it and see how competitive we can be compared to Mercedes and of course the others. It's a more technical track than in Austria with more corners where you can make a mistake that affects the next corner. Especially in sector two. That's why you have to work hard for the right set-up of the car. We need a stable balance and a car that responds well in the corners".

Fastest pit stop

What Red Bull excels at these last few years are the fast pit stops. In Austria they were again the fastest and Verstappen is happy with them. "Yes that's great to see and always nice when the guys give me a quick stop. I like to see the guys during the race but I prefer to be away from them again as soon as possible at a pit stop", the Dutchman jokes.

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