Seidl wouldn't let a Ferrari incident happen: ''That's a personal attack''

14-07-2020 10:45 | Updated: 14-07-2020 11:01
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Seidl wouldn't let a Ferrari incident happen: ''That's a personal attack''

Ferrari most likely had a de-ja-vu moment when their two drivers eliminate each other at the Steiermark Grand Prix last Sunday. It is perhaps the most important  moment within a team and Andreas Seidl is suprised that Ferrari let it happen.

''We let our drivers race as free as possible, unless there is a reason to change them for strategic reasons," said Seidl, who made the call to let Lando Norris in front of Carlos Sainz last Sunday. The move worked out well as the young Briton finished in fifth place.

Racing at McLaren

"It's important to get the most out of both drivers and let them race free. I have a lot of faith in my boys. Of course, things can go wrong someday. If you look at Formula 1, free racing over the years has always ended in a crash, but I hope that we can prevent that'", says the team boss of McLaren according to

Seidl knows that it will only happen once. ''If it does, I see it as a personal attack. Those guys have also egos and they make mistakes, but it must be clear that we are here for McLaren and therefore the team. The team is above everything and if they put their ego above the team, then I see that as a personal attack'', concludes Seidl.

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