Brawn warns competition: ''Mercedes didn't even drive the kerbs''

14-07-2020 09:32 | Updated: 14-07-2020 11:01
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Brawn warns competition: ''Mercedes didn't even drive the kerbs''

Lewis Hamilton conquered his first victory of 2020 at the Styrian Grand Prix, but the way the Briton did it caused a lot of admiration. Ross Brawn enjoyed the race of the defending world champion.

''Mercedes was very impressive on the Red Bull Ring and once again they have shown that they are the team to beat. I even think they had some reserves, because they had to stay away from those kerbstones after last week and that must be frightening for the competition'', says Ross Brawn in his column for

Hamilton the king

Where Max Verstappen tried to pull out all the stops in order to keep up with the Mercedes drivers, the Mercedes drivers were reasonably comfortable. They weren't forced to drive on the kerbs, so the reliability problems never came up again.

''Lewis was impressive this weekend. He was disappointed how the opening weekend had gone, but did what he did so many times and that's work harder and backfire on the next race. His lap on Saturday was incredible and perhaps one of his best ever. To have such a lead in those circumstances is just extraordinary," Brawn concludes admiringly.

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