Max Verstappen's pit stop was lightning fast

13-07-2020 12:58
Max Verstappen's pit stop was lightning fast

It's no secret that Red Bull Racing is particularly good at performing lightning-fast pit stops. The world record is to their name and they did good business again last weekend with a one-two in DHL's pit stop competition, followed by Mercedes in third place.

Faster than last week

During the first Grand Prix Red Bull Racing managed to set the fastest pit stop with 2.35 seconds during a pit stop by Alexander Albon. This weekend things went even smoother, as the fastest time set was 1.95 seconds during Max Verstappen's pit stop. Directly followed by the Albon pit stop, which lasted 2.22 seconds.

With this Red Bull Racing scores 25 and 18 points for the 'DHL Fastest Pit Stop Award', so good business. Mercedes follows in third place with a pit stop for Valtteri Bottas, which lasted only 2.39 seconds, followed by Alfa Romeo with a time of 2.55 seconds for a stop by Kimi Raikkonen.

Fastest lap for Carlos Sainz

Of course there is also a point for the fastest race lap and last week that point went to Lando Norris. This week it was Carlos Sainz who drove the fastest lap. Max Verstappen also tried in the last lap with a fresh set of tyres, but was a bit hampered by traffic and didn't have enough time afterwards to get that extra point.

The results of the fastest lap are: Carlos Sainz on one, Max Verstappen on two - against half a second difference - and Lewis Hamilton on three, again with half a second difference.


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