Lammers: 'Disappointment Red Bull indicates high expectations'

13-07-2020 09:11
Lammers: 'Disappointment Red Bull indicates high expectations'

Red Bull Racing was clearly the second team after Mercedes during the two weekends in Austria. Especially on one side of the garage the difference was very big. Jan Lammers can explain the difference, but is also impressed by the speed of Mercedes.

"Horner didn't quite grasp the speed difference between Verstappen and Albon, but this is typical", says Lammers at NOS Studio Sport. "Max doesn't need someone else to give a hundred percent and Albon only started to accelerate when his position was threatened. Only when they said he had to give everything he suddenly found half a second to a second".

Expectation pattern very high at Red Bull Racing

While Albon was soon more than thirty seconds behind the leading trio, Verstappen had to compete against Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas. A battle he couldn't possibly win this time. According to Lammers Mercedes seemed to be able to go even faster if they wanted to.

"The disappointment you notice here and there does indicate how high the expectations were. They also put that down themselves. They are always very ambitious in their statements and that's part of the team. They are close, but you can't see what Mercedes might have left over. Hamilton suddenly drove very fast laps on used tires".

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